Content Creators & Marketers, Stop Guessing At How To Improve Your Conversion Rate

UserHue engages your own visitors to pinpoint precisely what content is helping and what’s getting in their way.


Designed by conversion rate experts, UserHue helps you overcome the following optimization challenges:


I’m not getting enough actionable data from my analytics, surveys, or heatmaps


I don’t have enough traffic to A/B test


I’m running out of ideas to A/B test


I’m not sure what content is contributing positively to conversion


I don’t have the time or budget to run a usability study


5 Dead-Simple Steps To Higher Conversion With UserHue

STEP 1: Install UserHue code snippet on your site

Place the UserHue code on individual pages or across your entire site (recommended for learning where your site has conversion obstacles).
UserHue won't impact your page performance

UserHue won’t impact your page performance

STEP 2: UserHue gently prompts engaged visitors to provide instant feedback

Check out a simulation of how UserHue will appear to website visitors and even simulate UserHue on your own site:
See UserHue In Action
Visitors are asked to rate the page helpfulness

Visitors are asked to rate the page helpfulness

STEP 3: See at-a-glance what pages are creating user experience obstacles

UserHue creates a tidy list of your highest and poorest performing pages based on helpfulness ratings. Track the performance of your pages over time to validate your optimization activities.
Find your problematic pages instantly

Find your problematic pages instantly

STEP 4: Learn exactly what content is causing problems (or delighting visitors) and WHY

On each page where UserHue is activated, a snapshot of your content is color-coded for at-a-glance insight into what’s working and what’s not. Visitor comments are displayed alongside your content so you know the reason for a good or poor rating.
Visitors show you what's working and what's not

Visitors show you what’s working and what’s not

STEP 5: Fix the issue immediately or A/B test an alternative

You don’t need 1000s — or even 100s — of responses to reliably identify usability obstacles. Because we ask specifically about confusing or problematic content (versus what people like or don’t like), you can confidently act on a handful of visitor comments.


UserHue is THE perfect solution for increasing conversions on your:

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